About the Author

  photo courtesy of  Chelsea Hadley

Itís like a bad joke. Did you hear the one about the writer who canít write her own bio?

I donít know why itís hard; it just is.  Thatís why youíll notice that on the back of my book all it says is that I live in Los Angeles and that I have a husband and two children.  Not that these are insignificant facts.  What says more about you than where you live your life and with whom you live it?

So let's start thereÖ

I live in Los Angeles.  I grew up here. I left when I was 14 to go to boarding school and I didnít return for good until I was almost 30. No one tells you when youíre young how hard its going to be to choose a place to live. Or maybe it wonít be for you. Maybe youíll never spend days wishing you lived somewhere else even though you love where you are. Maybe youíll never waste your time wishing you lived in New York or Boston or Kauai or Tuscany or Paris. Maybe youíll never imagine a version of your life in which you live in 3 or 4 places at once.

I have a husband and two children, like the back of the book says, and ultimately, I donít care where I live, as long as Iím with them.

Iíve had many different kinds of jobs, but none Iíve loved anywhere near as much as writing. When I was 15 I spent my summer waiting tables at a dive where celebrities used to come and eat breakfast in their sweatpants. Eventually, the fact that celebrities came to eat breakfast in their sweatpants caught on, and there would be a line up the block. Pretty soon the celebrities stopped wearing sweatpants to breakfast.

I worked with adolescents in the foster care system. I worked on a crisis hotline. I worked as a fact checker for a movie magazine.  (This was before the Internet when it would take me 3 days to check something that now would take about 3 seconds.) I worked as a reader for a young adult line at a mass-market paperback house. Nothing seemed to be leading anywhere so I went to law school. After that I got a job working for Frontline on PBS. You should watch it. So should I.

I worked for Peter Jennings on a documentary about the Los Angeles Police Department. I spent the better part of a year riding around in the back seat of a police car with two amazing gang officers and learned more about the world than Iíd ever learned sitting at any desk.

Then I wrote my first book. I wrote it at the suggestion of one of my best friends with whom I took a writing class with in college. That reminded me how important your friends are and how they can change your life no matter who you are or what you do or where you live.

Anyway, enough about meÖ